Election day is just 17 days away! Ballots are out!


The election is now just 17 days away. Ballots have already begun arriving, and the choices you make this fall will determine the future of the state of Oregon, as well as the future of our country.  

Oregonians need good living-wage jobs to support our families.  Oregon needs to improve basic infrastructure, educate our young people, promote good export oriented businesses. All these help put Oregonians back to work and our economy back on track.

We must restore education funding in order to prepare the students of today to become the workforce of tomorrow.  We must bring down tuition at our public universities and community colleges while preserving quality. We must ensure adequate funding for our pre-K-12 programs, and  restore vocational education programs that have suffered from dramatic budget cuts in the last two decades.  Only then can we can move towards the economy we hope to build for the future of the middle class here in Oregon.

In order to create the vision we share for Oregon’s future, we must elect candidates that best reflect our values this fall,  those who want to continue fighting for a stronger economy, better public education, and a tax system that doesn’t favor the wealthy.  By voting for them, we can help move Oregon forward.  Please, support these fantastic public servants:

-Pres. Barack Obama

– Rep. Peter Defazio

Secretary of State
-Kate Brown

State Treasurer
-Ted Wheeler

Attorney General
-Ellen Rosenblum

Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries
-Brad Avakian

State Representative, HD 11
-Phil Barnhart

Measure 79 NO. Unnecessary. Freezes current law by putting it in the State Constitution.

Measure 84 NO. Cuts taxes for the top 2 percent and leaves the middle class holding the bag.    
Get involved: Republicans have lots of big business money.  We need volunteers to help us make phone calls, knock on doors, and talk to voters about their choices.  Don’t wait!  Join us today! For more information, contact campaign@philbarnhart.com

Vote: Don’t forget! Your ballot will be arriving any day.  Please make sure to fill it out and sign the envelope, and either drop it off at your nearest drop-box location, turn it in to your county elections office, or mail it.  The stakes have never been higher than they have for this election, and it is vital that all citizens make their voices heard and have their votes counted.

Together, we can make a difference.

Thanks again,

Phil Barnhart 

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