Oregon’s 11th House District

Central Lane and Linn Counties

Oregon’s 11th House District is among the most diverse in Oregon, in fact, it would be easy to describe it as a microcosm of the state itself. It includes the small cities of south central Linn County and their pastoral and forest surroundings. Many of these small cities have roots in our pioneer history and are thriving centers of culture and the arts. Central Lane County also has its share of small cities with their own long histories and traditions. Each is different and brings different interests and concerns to state government.

There are more school districts wholly or partly in the District than cities, including two Community College Districts, Linn Benton and Lane. Nearly all of the University of Oregon’s main campus is in District 11. Education is our main business. Others include health care, manufacturing, timber, agriculture, software, and film and video with more developing all the time.

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