Dear Neighbor,

(Originally posted in 2008)

The Republicans were in charge in the House of Representatives in Oregon for 16 years until we achieved a bare majority in 2007. They are responsible for the current state of Health Care, Our Schools, increasing crime rate, and the Unfairness of our Tax System. Health care can be made affordable again. We can have excellent schools again. Oregon families pay their taxes, but fat cats do not. Remember Enron’s $10.00 tax after it had fleeced Oregonians of Millions! If we stop spending our tax dollars on corporate loopholes adopted during the 16 years of Republican control we can make our tax system fairer and have more funds to pay for essential services without raising taxes.

Those who start or develop businesses will establish themselves here if we make health insurance affordable, schools excellent and property safe from crime. These are as fundamental to the development of good jobs as a sensible and streamlined regulatory system, land upon which to build and the availability of natural resources. In their 16 years of misrule, the Republican-controlled House has failed in all of these areas.

Together we can make Oregon a state we can leave to our children knowing we have done our best for their future. Email, call, or write if you have comments or questions and get involved today!

Yours Truly,

Phil Barnhart

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